Mission Statement:

The mission of Diasporal Discoveries (“DD”) is to expose youth to the diversity of the African Diaspora with a goal of connecting them to various cultures across the globe and  expanding their horizons through cultural education and travel, both domestic and abroad.



Diasporal Discoveries envisions a student population where youth are aware of self and (for those of the Diaspora) connected to those who share a common history globally. In this vision, youth see themselves through a wider lens, as inheriting a legacy of not only endurance,  but of vibrancy and accomplishment. We aim to promote historical accuracy through our education and enrichment process. It is also our goal that once connections are formed with their “cultural cousins,” youth will not only move forward positively in their own communities, but continue to explore and  investigate the African Diaspora independently, inevitably making their own Diasporal Discoveries.



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