Welcome to DD 101.

We have just a few words we want to reinvent in your lexicon:


A DISCOVERER [dih-skuhv-er-er; noun] is a young person involved in any of the Diasporal Discoveries programs.
A DISCOVERY [dih-skuhv-uh-ree; noun, plural: discoveries] is the region the Discoverer is learning about/the program in which they are learning about it. That could be domestic (New Orleans, Los Angeles…) or abroad (Brazil, Dominican Republic…)
A JOURNEY [jur-nee; noun] is the learning excursion that takes place at the completion of our DISCOVERIES.


And here’s how all that would look in a sentence…

During the Atlanta DISCOVERY, our DISCOVERERS learned about historic “Sweet” Auburn Avenue; during the Atlanta JOURNEY, they not only strolled down the street, but they visited the birth place of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. too!

But wait! We have different kinds of Discoveries!

Major Discoveries are multi-week programs focusing on countries abroad, usually followed by a week-long Journey to the Discovery.
Mini Discoveries are multi-week programs (usually shorter than Majors) focusing on domestic regions, usually followed by a weekend Journey to the Discovery.
Discovery Bites are workshops that introduce Discoverers to any of the Discoveries within our repertoire.



For information about how to bring a Diasporal Discoveries program to your site, please send an inquiry to  info@diasporaldiscoveries.org