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Diasporal Discoveries has provided programming for youth at the following organizations:
Lawndale Community Academy

Englewood Enterprise Gallery
True Star
Gary Comer Youth Center
New Sullivan Elementary School
United African Organization









DD Runs Its First Chicago Mini at BUILD!

We kicked off our programming in Humboldt Park with youth from the BUILD family. In the first class, young people were given an overview of the African diaspora- from the *Maafa all the way to the Great Migration that led many people of African ancestry to Chicago. Because Humboldt Park is home to many of Puerto Rican descent, our Culture Connector was able to show youth the ties between the peoples in both diasporas.
*Maafa: The genocide caused by/during the European enslavement of Africans; from the Kiswahili language meaning “disaster or great tragedy.”
Serving youth since 1969, BUILD has been integral in changing the lives of thousands of young people. visit them on the web at